Customer Services

Sonico began business in 1980 with the plan to give its customers and providers the same level of service as it expects of others. Founders of the corporation came from Boeing where they engaged with solving problems and providing the highest level of service to airline customers. That tradition has carried over even after nearly three decades of serving the aerospace industry and the elimination of the human touch by computer interface. Some aspects of our service are:

  • No message machines at Sonico, you speak with people not machines.
  • People are cross trained reducing callbacks because someone is absent.
  • We make it easy to find the boss at Sonico if your requirements are not taken care of in a reasonable manner.
  • We have extensive use of photos and illustrations to reduce communication errors.
  • Sonico is online real-time for technical information reducing coordination time.
  • We deliver and pickup packages and data in Seattle daily to speed processing from out of our Moses Lake, WA location.
  • Work status is kept current at  four hour intervals, and all work is staged so that if you call, you can get status of your order within the last 30 minutes.
  • Designated Engineering Representatives are available to work special and unique engineering approvals.
  • Our location places us within three hours of the largest inventory of commercial aircraft parts in the world at the Boeing’s Spares Distribution Center.
  • Coordination of configuration problems on Boeing products is reduced because we can jump in the car and go “show and tell” with Boeing QA and Engineering.
  • We strive to replace the words “can’t do” with “will do.”
  • Our building was designed as a FAA maintenance facility with processing flow in mind.

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