Optional Part Numbers

Many owners/operators frequently select one of many alternatives of an optional component to stock and use in their inventory system; such as one manufacturer’s, engines, brakes, landing gear, seats, etc. Beyond these obvious selective options there are others that owners/operators lose track of. Knowing the optional part numbers will often add sources of supply never considered by most supply chain managers. Sonico tracks optional part numbers to broaden its options. Once we find optional numbers we make a record for our use and for use in assisting customers to shorten turn times.

Sonico is not in the business of selling Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) components, but we use such parts to assist customers when requested and provide a link on our website to search for such parts. Many PAH and OEM profess that PMA parts are inferior yet they often sell such parts from their own inventory disguised by their proprietary part number, specification number or material number often at a very inflated price. It pays to know what optional numbers are and what is approved for use. Airlines with customized illustrated parts list are often blind to the availability of optional parts.

Use the Contact Us link to your left to place your inquiry, Sonico is always pleased to assist you with availability of optional parts for prompt TAT.

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