Technical Services

For decades Sonico has worked closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to write and or improve the technical information found in their Component Maintenance Manuals, Overhaul Manuals and other technical documents. If you are in need of someone to write such manuals for you please click on and advise what your needs are and someone will call you to assist.

More often than not our service comes into play through product examination to see if improvements can be obtained by narrowing the acceptable tolerance range. As more and more experience is gained with failure patterns it sometimes becomes obvious to improve a product all that is necessary is to tighten the tolerance for acceptable replacement parts. Frequently this does not mean a change to the replacement part number, but simply selective use of approved parts that are not at the extremes of the manfacturing tolerance range. It should also be noted that sometimes the original design has too tight of a tolerance and testing will show performance and reliability can be greatly improved by opening the tolerance slightly.

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