Reclamation Program

Over the years, Sonico has gathered statistics on aircraft component assemblies declared as being beyond economical repair by owners and maintenance providers. A little under thirty percent of such components are, in fact, repairable.

Sonico has worked with the OEM(s) and the FAA over the years and has an FAA approved procedure for conducting an analysis and examination of component parts declared as being beyond economical repair. The procedure includes pickup at the owner’s facilities at Sonico expense. An examination is performed and an analysis report provided owners with recommendations as to disposition.

If the disposition is mutilation and scrap, a report is provided for the owner’s records and documentation with the FAA. If the disposition is to salvage in accordance with approved OEM and FAA procedures, the owner and Sonico share in the economic benefits. There are no costs to the owner, not even shipping costs or record keeping.

The program benefits depend on the extent to which owners reclaim parts, but even small airlines save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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