W. B. Perdue – Director

W.B. “Bill” Perdue – Director

I am a graduate from Washington State University with a B. A. degree in Business. My employment following college graduation included employment with The Boeing Company in New Orleans, Louisiana, General Dynamics in Ft. Worth, Texas and Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.
My time at Boeing included Manager of Boeing Aerosystems Purchasing Agency which at the time was part of Boeing Seattleā€™s Customer Support Division. In that capacity my department provided Maintenance Support, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (CMMs/OHMs), Spares and Purchasing Services worldwide.
I was one of the founders of Sonico back in 1980s and co-owner with other family members. For many years I was President of the corporation but now carry the title of Director. I assist in corporate planning, problem solving, policies and financial planning for Sonico. I also served on the board of AAIRRG Insurance Company and was its national president for many years.

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